A Free Walking Tour of Rochester NY's
Park Avenue District
Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA)

We'll be back soon!

Thank you for contacting Some Things Afoot. We're traveling this summer. Tours will re-commence September 5.

Meanwhile, you may enjoy discovering Rochester on your own, through visitrochester.com or Trip Advisor.

Patrick Adams
Some Things Afoot

New to or visiting the Rochester area? Been here a while but still interested in learning more? It’s a great city, but to truly sleuth out the clues to its rich history, architectural styles and attractions, you’ll need a guide. That’s where we come in.

Some Things Afoot is a free guided walking tour of Rochester, NY that encompasses approximately 2 ½ miles of two of Rochester’s most popular cultural areas. In addition to walking through the grounds of the George Eastman Museum, Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Strasenburgh Planetarium, and the Rochester Museum and Science Center, you’ll discover the history of Rochester’s urban forest, its reputation as the World Image Center, and learn about some famous (and infamous) Rochesterians. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a variety of architectural styles, visit a church, and wander through beautiful urban neighborhoods featuring unusual shops and restaurants.

Our goal at Some Things Afoot is to acquaint new residents, visitors, and all who desire, with what The Flower City has to offer. If you haven’t a clue about what to expect or just want to investigate Park Avenue and NOTA, please join us as we detect Some Things Afoot!

There are no up-front charges - we follow a “pay what you may” model. Why do we do it like this? Elementary! You get to determine what, if anything, a tour was worth, thus ensuring that we give our best on every tour. That makes it more challenging for us and more fun for all.

Some Things Afoot